Vadim L. Stefanuk

Vadim in a stormy rain in 
Tennessee, USA, July 1998

Office address: 
Prof. Vadim Stefanuk
Institute for Information Transmission Problems
Russian Academy of Science,
Bolshoy Karetny pereulok 19, 
Moscow, 127051


   Full Member of Russian Academy for Natural Sciences and International Informatics Academy, Doctor of Technical Sciences , Leading Researcher in the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of Russian Academy of Science with the strong theoretical, R&D and teaching experience. 
   The author of over 170 books, reports, and papers published in Russian and international journals or conference proceedings. The lecturer in Artificial Intelligence, Distributed Systems, Learning Agents, and Tutoring. 

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   Doctor of Technical Sciences , defended in Moscow Institute for Electronic Machinery in 1990. D.Sc. thesis title: "Local organization of expedient behavior of technical systems."
   Candidate of Science (Ph.D.), defended in the Institute for Control Problems, Moscow, in 1968. Ph.D. thesis title: "Collective automata behavior and the problem of stable local control in a communication system." 
   Graduated from Moscow State University in 1962, Physics Department,  with special orientation to the learning automata study. 

  Working languages: English, Russian. 


   Full time: From 1962 to present I am working in the Institute for Information Transmission Problems of Russian Academyof Science. Chair of Artificial Intelligence Group.  
   Part time: Professor of Computer Science Dept. of RussianUniversity for People's Friendship, Moscow; Professor of Research Center for Problems of Quality of Education, Ministry of Higher Education, Moscow; Head of the Laboratory for Intelligent Tutoring Media, Center for Artificial Intelligence of Program Systems Institute, Pereslavl-Zalesskii; Lecturer in Moscow State University, the Department of Physics and the Department of Mathematics and Mechanics. 


   June-July, 2001, Screen Mentor, Inc., Director of Artificial Intelligence Division, , Hamden, CT, USA.

   January 4 - April 4, 2001, Visiting professor of National Institute of Informatics, Tokyo, Japan.

   March 2-30, 2000, Visiting scientist in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the of State University of New-York at Stony Brook, USA 

   From July 14, 1997 to October 15, 1997, Visiting Professor of Osaka University, Japan. 

   Previous years I also visited with extended visits Finland, France, Sweden, UK, USA. 

  • Problems of design of personal tutoring systems based on intellectual man-machine interfaces (project leader), the award from Russian Fund for Basic Research (2002 - 2004). 
  • Problems of Theory of Category Formalization of Intelligent Knowledge Based Computer Systems (projects 2.4; 2.24), the award from Presidium of Russian academy of sciences (2001-2002)
  • Problems of Intellectual Man-Machine Interfaces Design with the Methods of Locally-Organized Systems (project leader), the award from Russian Fund for Basic Research (1999 - 2001). 
  • Development of Programming Means for Elicitation and Representation of Knowledge to be used in Intellectual Tutoring Systems for Medical Diagnostics (project co-leader), the award from Ministry of Science and Technologies of Russian Federation (1999-2000), the fund "Perspective Information Technologies." 
  • PC System to Work with Fuzzy Data in a Dynamic Knowledge Base (project leader), the award from Ministry of Science and Technologies of Russian Federation (1998-1999), the fund "Information Technologies and Electronics." 
  • Stability Analysis of Behavior of Locally-Organized AI Systems (project leader), the award from Russian Fund for Basic Research(1996 - 1998). 
  • Development of Tools for Intellectual System Design based on RAD Technology (project leader), the award from Ministry of Science, Technical Policy and Education of Russia (1996 - 1998), the fund "Informatics in Russia". 
  • Advanced Man-Machine Interface for Process Control Application (AMICA), BRITE/EURAM Project 6126 (1994-95). 
  • Research and Development of Intellectual Tutoring Media (project leader), the award from Ministry of Science, Technical Policy and Education of Russia (1993 - 1995), project #1032. 
  • Research and Development of Expert Tutoring System (project leader), Russian Academy of Science (1991 - 1995). 


  • Cognitive Level Analyses and Intelligent Tutoring Media. 
  • A Dynamic Seismo-Prognostic Expert System Design. 
  • Programmable Knowledge-Based Expert Systems. 

  • Consulting Man-Machine Systems in Medicine and other Applications. 


- A new system "MIRROR" for active fighting with SPAM
- A universal Frame Network based User Modeling system for an advanced man-machine interface for Process Control tasks. 
- Applied  Expert  Systems: Tutor for Expert Systems, Medical Diagnostic, Civil Engineering, Seismology, Project Estimation and Verification. 
- A Programmable Expert System Shell "ZNATOK". 
- A Supporting system with learning for Ship Cargo Documents Handling for IBM Systems compatible. 
- A flexible (intellectual) support environment for LISP. 
- A LISP interpreter for Eclipse C/330 computer (ECLISP). 


- Active spam and virus filtering - a new concept.
- Automated Discovery of Problem Representations, Semiotic Approach.
- Universal Intelligent Interface.
- The Learning Level Analysis for Tutoring System.
- A Quasi-static approach to Dynamics in Expert Systems.
- The axiomatic approach to Evidence Combination in Expert Systems.
- The concept of Meta Expert Systems.
- Theory of Category description of Knowledge Representation and Learning.
- A concept of Intellectual Computer Operating System.
- An optimal Pattern Matching in a chaotic data base.
- A local approach to Problem Representation in Artificial Intelligence.
- Local control of the Collective of Radio Stations.
- Collective behavior of Automata.


   PowerPC, Macintosh, IBM Systems compatible, Data General, Eclipse C/330, DEC-10, DEC-20, Alfa-5. 

   JavaScript, Java 1.0, Windows 95, WindowsNT, Windows 3.1, C, X-Windows(Unix),Golden Common LISP, LISP-in-FORTRAN, BBN-LISP, INTERLISP, Fortran-5. 

  • RAAI - Russian Association for Artificial Intelligence, Vice-President of RAAI.  
  • ECCAI - Fellow of European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence (since 2001).
  • AISB - The Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behavior, Great Britain (~1980-1995).
  • AAAI - American Association for Artificial Intelligence (1990).
  • ALP - Association for Logic Programming (from 1991 to present).
  • RANS - Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, Full Member (Academician).
  • IIA - International Informatics Academy, Full Member (Academician), Vice-chairman of the branch "Informational Networks and Systems".
  • NYAS - New York Academy of Science (Active Member, or Academician).
  • AI-ED - Society for Artificial Intelligence in Education.


  • Since 1997 - Member of the Policy Committee for ETAI, Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence
  • 1994,96,98,2000, 2002, 2004 - Joint Conference on Knowledge Based Software Engineering (JCKBSE), Member of Steering Committee, Co-chair, PC member, Russia-1994, Bulgaria-1996, Slovakia-1998, Check-2000 , Slovenia-2002, Russia-2004.
  • 1994-1996 European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence, (ECCAI), Board of Directors (elected member). 
  • 1996-2000 - An academic Node in Advanced Methodologies and Tools for Manufacturing Systems Network of Excellence (AMETMAS - NOE) of (European) COPERNICUS program.  
  • IIA - International Informatics Academy, Vice-chairman of the Branch "Informational Networks and Systems".  



    Estonia (Tartu University (2002, 2003, 2004)
    Switzerland (Lozanne Polytechnic (1996)) 
    USA (Washington University, MIT, Stanford University, Texas University, Belmont University (1995), Vanderbilt University (1996), New York State University (1999), etc.) 
    UK (Imperial College, Edinburgh University, etc.) 
    Sweden (Linkoping University, Uppsala University, etc.) 
    France (University Paris YI, etc.) 
    Italy ( Milan Polytechnic, University of Rome, etc.) 
    Japan (Tokyo Denky University, Osaka University (1997), Aizu University (1997) National Institute of Informatics (2001)) 
    Germany (Kassel University) 
    Finland (Helsinki University, VTT, Swedish University, etc.) 


    Since 1970 I have translated into Russian the majority of books and texts on Artificial Intelligence, theory and applications, including those by N.Nilsson, P.Winston, M.Minsky, E.Hunt, R.Duda, P.Heart., J.von Neuman, and many more (21 books). 

      Updated on January 7, 2002; February 2, 2003, Moscow, Russia.

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