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Current Projects

Below are materials related to some of the projects currently developed by the Institute's staff.
* Spine synapse with Byzov's feedback
* Electronic posters, P.V.Maximov, V.V.Maximov, E.M.Maximova, S.L.Kondrashev, O.Yu.Orlov, E.N.Derim-Oglu
* Development and Creation of Archival Image Database on the Base of Modern Technologies of Processing and Storage of Video-Information, Sector of Digital Optics
* Geoinformation Technologies and Systems
* Компьютерная верификация произнесений с индикацией верности следования индивидуальным и национальным особенностям произношения (in Russian)
* Speaker verification package and its use for pronounciation training
* On The Development Of Basic Research In Informational System Interaction In Nature And In Society
* Partner Systems Group Activity

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