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* Activity report 2004. IITP in brief.
* Activity report 2003. IITP in brief.
* Activity report 2002. IPPI in brief.
* Activity report 2001. IPPI in brief.
* Activity report 2000. IPPI in brief.
* Current Projects / Spine synapse with Byzov's feedback.
* Activity report 1999. IPPI in brief.
* Geoinformation technologies and systems.
* Conferences / ECAI'2000 Workshop. Applied Semiotics: Control Problems (ASC2000)
* Laboratory of Computational Linguistics.
* Proceedings and Monographs / Proceedings of the International Conference COMPLEX SYSTEMS: CONTROL AND MODELING PROBLEMS
* Current Projects / Electronic posters.
* ACTIVITY REPORT 1997. IPPI in brief.
* Personal pages
* Current Projects / Partner Systems Group: Selective Screening for Kidney Pathology
* Current Projects / On The Development Of Basic Research In Informational System Interaction In Nature And In Society
* Activity report 1996. IPPI in brief.

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*Moscow Information Center RAS-STN (in Russian)

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